Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Retail Therapy

It's been six weeks since we decided to begin the adoption process for #4 in Ghana. I realized I was feeling very impatient today and checked the timing. I always get very impatient at about six weeks--in every adoption! LOL! Maybe it's my version of morning sickness?

We are hopefully within about a week of being able to accept the official referral. Then I can tell you all about her! We're just waiting on our Social Worker to finish up the homestudy update. I'm praying that she is able to get it done by the end of the week.

Our little one is starting to feel more real. I'm starting to believe more in my heart that this is really happening and she is really going to come home. I know this, because I'm starting to feel okay with buying her things! Last week you saw that I bought her two winter sweaters. But today...today I felt brave enough to buy her a few things for when I go to pick her up--to wear in Ghana. THAT feels much more brave to me!

Now, I'm only buying VERY inexpensive things because we need to save almost every dollar for the adoption itself, but it is fun just to spend a few dollars at a clearance store, and imagine them on my baby girl.

Not sure why this pic is sideways, but oh well.


Nadia 7:46 PM  

that dress is adorable!! it'll be heautiful on a little brown skinned beauty! I can't wait to hear all about her :)

Nadia 7:47 PM  

it'll be beautiful too!! typing through grease splattered glasses in the dark(I've been frying plantains Haitian style for J's culture day at school tomorrow)

Calmil2 8:06 PM  

You have great taste!!! Adorable!

Renee 8:30 PM  

I am SO very happy for you!!!

Praying for a smooth and speedy process. LOVE the clothes :o)!

In His Dust 8:36 PM  

Hey! Can't wait until she is home! I am totally like you in the retail therapy area! And Madi has that bathing suit! I love lime green on her!

Deborah 6:25 PM  

The bathing suit made me smile!!
She will be precious in her new clothes. Such a blessed little girl. Maybe I can hold her again soon ;)