Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adoption Update

It's been a little over 2 months since we decided to go forward to adopt Kendi Mabel from Ghana. It's funny...when you're adopting NOTHING is fast enough even when you can objectively look at things and see that 2 months in international adoption is not a long time. But for my heart it FEELS like a long time. Here's what's happened so far, and what is hopefully going to happen soon...

Decided to adopt Mabel: February 11th
Homestudy visit: February 23rd
Homestudy approval: April 3rd
Homestudy to USCIS: April 6th
Welcome Bag Received by Kendi Mabel: Today!
Dossier in Ghana: Today!
Fingerprint appointment: May 8th (got notice today)
Traveling to Ghana: Sometime in May (details below!)

I am pretty disappointed that our fingerprinting appointment is 3 weeks away. With our previous three adoptions our letter always said "come on any ______" (day of the week). This one gives an actual date and time. It's looking more and more like we're going to be waiting for our I-600a appointment in order to be able to pick up Kendi. Normal processing time for Oklahoma City USCIS is 60 days from the time your application is complete--which means July 8th. =-(

On the up side, I am going to hold my baby again within the next month or so! I have the distinct privilege of traveling to Ghana sometime (probably) mid-May in order to escort two little ones to their new family. IF we are lucky enough to have Kendi's adoption decree by then, I will be able to file our I-600 with DHS in Ghana while I'm there. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! But we'll see if that happens. Regardless, I will get to see Kendi again and that will be wonderful (until it's time to leave her).

On the financial end, we are still awaiting the provision for about 1/3 of our adoption expenses (about $5500). Let's just say a LOT of grant organizations are seeing my handwriting right about now. Our poor pastor--all of those reference letters! I go back and forth between worrying a lot and feeling completely at peace. So human of me! I have seen it so many times in the adoption world that the Lord DOES provide. I know He will. Just can't wait to see how!!

As always, prayers for Kendi's quick homecoming are so appreciated.



Rosie 3:22 PM  

is this to personal?
How do you provide the money for Kendi's adoption because as i can tell international adoption costs ALOT

A. Gillispie 3:28 PM  

Hi Rosie. Your question isn't too person for me. =-) My husband and I were able to pay for about 1/3 of our adoption with personal funds, and we have received a grant for about another 1/3 of the costs. For the final 1/3 we are hoping to receive another grant (or grants). Some people pay for a portion of their adoption with credit cards (not an option for us), or home equity lines of credit, or other personal loans. Other people are able to do fundraisers to gather some of the fees. What I see over and over again is that people eventually find ways to pay for their adoptions, even if they don't know how it will all work out from the start!

whenpigsfly 5:01 PM  

MAYBE you'll have your 171 H by JUNE 8 , not July...when we sent in our last I 600A, it took several weeks to get our finger print appnt, and our 171h was just about 60 days from when they got our app, not from when they did our finger prints. So maybe maybe maybe not July............
I hope its sooner for you!
love you,
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Zimmerman family 9:19 PM  

Very exciting!!

Amy 10:13 PM  

I just got the MOST wonderful image of you holding little Kendi and this time KNOWING she is your daughter!!! How wonderful. How miraculous how God works and how it is all working out...

The time part away from your baby could never feel right, but hopefully everything will move forward without anything major and the time will somehow move faster than it feels now! Love you and really enjoying the image of imagining the two of you together again...


HomeSchool Mommy 2:09 AM  

I just came across your blog today and I can't wait to keep coming back to read more. I'm in Oklahoma, too (Norman).

KamPossible 5:23 AM  

You can feel free to post a timeline ANY TIME you want (could I be any more selfish?). I am doing my calculations for my time line, based on your time line. I didn't realize how close in time we both decided to adopt.

Remeber I'm on the "Bring the kids home in July" bus. My bus still has open seats :-)

Ericka 6:17 AM  

Hi Anita,
I hope this is ok, but I gave my dear friend's daughter your email. She is writing a piece for her Language Arts class on adoption and has some questions.
Her name is Laura.
Thanks so much!!!!

A. Gillispie 7:26 PM  

Thanks Miss Fabu! I love that image in your head and can't wait for it to come true!