Monday, April 13, 2009

I Heart Faces--Spring

When Samren was 1.5 and Taevy was 2.5 we went to the backyard to take Easter pictures. I tried to set them up and pose them perfectly. Of course they were toddlers and didn't participate like I wanted them to! One time, everything went wrong and I took a picture I didn't even mean to take. It wasn't at all how I planned it to be. It was WAY better! One of those lucky shots that you could never do on your own (at least I couldn't). It's my all time favorite pic of Taevy and Samren, because it is just them. Nothing posed. Nothing I even intended to take a picture of. It is just them, being brother and sister.

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Renee 9:28 PM  


Shonni 7:35 AM  

That is a very cute picture!!