Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I saw this fun little thing on another blog. Do all bloggers love to type? I do. I LOVE to type. Sometimes I will just crave the feeling of my fingers flying across the keyboard. Sometimes I will type pages of books just for fun--because I love that I can look at a book page and type without looking at my moniter or keyboard.

I think my love of typing is in some way related to my previous life in music. Muscle memory. Playing the piano, or horn, or whatever instrument, is a LOT about muscle memory. It's amazing how the muscles in our bodies get so used to manipulating outside objects that the objects can almost become an extention of ourselves.



Robin 11:46 AM  

I was curious what mine would be. Im surprised that it said 58. Crazy. :) Thanks for the little break in my day. :)

whenpigsfly 3:25 PM  

I don't really want to know my speed, but I do like to type and I do enjoy that feeling of my fingers speeding across the keys!!!
I'm not dyslexic but when I get going I DO type that way!