Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

A few things keeping me away from the blog...

My laptop seems to be on it's last leg. First, some of the keys started sticking. Then something "popped" when I opened the screen and now my screen won't stay up--it flops back or forward. THEN my space bar decided only to work when I really bang on it. The battery stopped working too, so it can only be unplugged for about 2 minutes (literally!) before it's dead. THANK YOU LORD that Eric won a laptop last Christmas at his company Christmas party! Seriously, what a blessing! So, thankfully we don't have to worry about how to replace my ailing laptop. I'm switching over. It is slow going. I hate the switching computers process.

Almost my every waking thought has to do with homeschooling right now. Should we do it? Should we not? [Okay, I know we SHOULD do it.] Can I do it? Can I not? [Still working on that one.] What curriculum do I need? What grade will the kids go into? [Homeschool programs seem to be more advanced than their public school goals.] All that good stuff!

Assessing my kids (doing placement tests and such) the last few days have really been telling. There are big holes in their learning. It bugs me to no end! Actually, there are holes in my learning as well. For the life of me I couldn't remember what a cardinal number was today, or a homophone! Funny how you forget that stuff.

So if you notice a lack of posts it's probably because I'm reading about curriculum or transferring files from one computer to another. Or it might be that today marks 3 months since we decided to adopt #4 and I don't like thinking about how long that feels. OR it might be that there is supposed to be another court date on Thursday and I am going to lose it if we wash out again. might be that transferring files and researching homeschool options are only all-consuming because if I stop thinking about those things I will have to think about how much I miss my baby girl.

If I post, it's because my brain is FRIED and I needed a break! LOL!

P.S. Thanks AGAIN to all of you who have left comments on what you do for homeschooling! I am working my way through every possibility. Keep it up!


Lorna 7:24 AM  

Sorry for your laptop problems.
I remember that my laptop broke during my last semester of college. Of course I had no $ to buy a new one, so I used a hot glue gun on the hinge to fix it and make it last through the end of the semester!