Thursday, May 07, 2009


Sometimes I really miss homeschooling my kids. It's not that I don't think their school and teachers aren't doing the best they can possibly do, but some of their progress and work is not up to MY standards. I just know that my daughter's handwriting would be better if she were learning from me (not that it's bad--it's just not up to my standards). I believe with all my heart that my son would be a better reader at this point if he were with me.

But homeschooling is HARD. It takes a lot of time and commitment. I work full time with AAI (from home) and will already have 3 little ones at home next fall (Bright, Kendi, and Ryder). Of course lots of very large families have more than 5 kids at home and are laughing because I just said that. But I don't think most of those moms are working full time from home.

Anyway...I miss homeschooling. But I don't think I can homeschool--effectively. Maybe I'll do extra stuff with the kids this summer and see how it goes.



Beckie Sibley 10:34 PM  
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Nadia 11:45 PM  

I struggle with this too and they are only my brother and sister LOL. the ONLY reason J is in school is because it's french immersion..if I spoke french she would be at home...I just think there's too much play time at school and not enough learning/teaching! what does 3 hours of kindergarten 4x a week with recess and snack time accomplish?

G goes to school(learning delay preschool) for 5 1/2 hours a day leaves on the bus at 8, school starts at 9 has snack right at arrival,lunch at 11:30 then playtime all afternoon until snack at 2 and then leaving on bus at 2:30 and arriving at to sum it up he's gone from home for 7.5 hours and gets a total of TWO hours of learning..aargghh lol.

we do work on school work at home, but they don't have the same rules and values we have so it's hard!

Beckie Sibley 6:40 AM  

Perhaps you could devote a block of time each day to working with Taevy and Samren in those particular areas.

Very dear friends of mine supplemented their children's public education on a daily basis in all subjects. All of them are highly successful in college. Academics were part of their every-day lives from kindergarten through high school. To categorize their situation, I would say they used both forms of education since they used assignments from school but added their own requirements. It certainly worked for them. One of their children is in med school, another at a teaching hospital, and the youngest is at the Naval Academy.

That said, I thoroughly enjoy home schooling my children. We are completing our seventh year. During that time, I provided child care which made it more than challenging. While it works for our family, educating children at home isn't for everyone.

Spike and Tuna Jones 11:40 AM  

We have HSed 10 years now and each year looks different. As God directs, we listen. My oldest went back to public school his sophomore year and my girls are homeschooled but have the opportunity to take classes at our local jc or high school. My youngest.. well we decided to place her in a great charter school. Creative schooling is what I call it! Maybe this isn't your season but maybe the next year is? Staying open to God's call is what matters. You'll know.