Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tie Dye Project

Well, we did our tie dye project today. I saw on another AAI family's blog how she made these cool tie-die (ish) t-shirts with sharpie markers and alcohol. They were so bright! Since it's supposed to be rainy all weekend I thought it might be a fun project to do with the kids.

Last night we bought sharpies and alcohol, along with t-shirts for all of us. I did my apron last night, ahead of the rest of the gang. They did theirs this morning. It was pretty fun! We didn't mess with putting a rubber band around cups/bowls. We just made designs and went with it! Some designs turned out better than others.

I took pics of the kids in their new t-shirts, and the proceeded to break my camera. So no pictures, except for the ones I took of my apron last night. If you have a few extra bucks this is a pretty fun craft! Would be fun to make a bunch of bandanas. The drawback of NOT doing the work around a cup is that it bleeds to the back of a shirt. Aprons or bandanas wouldn't have that issue.



Momto14 12:51 AM  

Wow!! Beautiful!