Friday, June 05, 2009

Signing Off

I'll be leaving for the airport in about 8.5 hours. Still have a lot to do (including the eye brows and legs!). Signing off for now. I'll "see" ya in Ghana!!!


Jen 9:21 PM  

I wish, but I will be Blogstalking you!!

Have a safe flight and fun with the kiddos.

Give my man a BIG HUG from me- (the kind where you pick him up and spin him in a circle!)


Bingaling 10:24 PM  

Have a great trip, Anita! I'll be blog-stalking, too.

Looking forward to hearing updates!

Wishing you safe travels...

In His Dust 9:35 AM  

WOOHOO! So, excited for you girl! Go HUG that baby!!!

whenpigsfly 9:59 AM  

So very excited for you soon you will be holding your youngest DAUGHTER!! And I am praising God that His timing was a fast track for you! We will be praying for you and for your crew at home: Eric, and the kiddos off visiting Gramma, and you with Kendi Mae!
Love and big hugs