Thursday, July 02, 2009

30 days...

When you file your I-600 in Ghana, they tell you that it will take up to 30 days to adjudicate the petition. I filed my I-600 on June 8th, so my original 30 days is winding down. However, I didn't have my I-600a approval in hand when I filed my I-600, so I knew the original 30 days wouldn't hold. I sent a scanned version of my I-600a two weeks ago, at which time the DHS in Ghana said they would begin to adjudicate my petition.

Yesterday I wrote to DHS to check on the status of our petition, figuring it couldn't hurt to inquire before my original 30 days is up next week. I received a very prompt response from DHS indicating that they hadn't yet received my I-600a from the National Visa Center and couldn't begin adjudicating until that was in hand.

I replied, including the email I had received from them 2 weeks ago stating that they would begin adjudicating with the scanned I-600a I had sent. I got another very prompt response (more firmly worded this time) that NO, they must have the I-600a from National Visa Center.

I've called the NVC, confirmed that it was available to Ghana on June 23rd, and have written DHS and the Consulate letting them know the case number and details of date it was sent. Got another (prompt--gotta give them credit where credit is due) response from DHS that they don't have it and the consulate knows to send it when it arrives. In other words--stop bugging us and let things happen. They said I could contact them again in 30 days. August 2nd, 2009.

I am so very disappointed. My heart feels really bruised. I had dreamed that Kendi would be home sometime in July but this news today pretty much closes that door. After her I-600 is approved we still probably have another 2-3 weeks MINIMUM before she has her visa. Probably more like 4 or 5.

So I'm trying to settle into the idea that it will be September when she comes home. But I don't want to settle into that idea. I have summer clothes waiting for her. I have a swim suit waiting for her. She was "supposed" to come home this summer. I can hear my adoption coordinator self telling my adoptive mommy self that with Ghana adoptions we "hold on loosely until we can hold on tightly." I know that. But it really doesn't help keep from disappointment. It just adds a "you should know better" flavor to the disappointment.


Bingaling 8:33 AM  

I'm so sorry, Anita. It is so hard to let go of a timeframe you have in your mind...and it seems inadequate to say that it will all happen in His perfect timing. Its true...but it doesn't make it any easier.

Praying for you today.

Kristin 9:34 AM  

Sorry Anita. These delays always seem so incredibly pointless and controlling. And the hurt that accompanies them is very hard to bear. I'll pray for you today.


Amy 9:40 AM  

I am so sorry too Anita. This is one of those times where logic from the head and longing from the heart go up against each other and the heart is just gonna trump that head every single time. This is love. This is your baby. This is you so ready to be her Mama. It hurts so much and logic, shmogic, your heart did have Kendi home well before September. I am sorry it doesn't look like that will happen now.

I wish there was something that could be done to help it be easier, but we all know nothing except having Kendi in your arms can cure what's ailin' you sister. I will continue to pray that while it looks like it might be "longer" that things will right themselves and have you back on that timeline you were dreaming about.

Love you,

Laurel 9:55 AM  

So sorry to hear of more delays. Oh how I know how frustrating that can be.

Why is it going to take so long for a visa, after I600 approval. I thought those were pretty quick.


Cora 10:03 AM  

how frustrating. I am so sorry to hear about your delays I know I have only waited a fraction of the time that most wait but I am sitting around with summer clothes that I don't think our little one will ever be able to wear, too. It is hard on the heart.

I hope the time goes by quicker than you think.

Heather A. 10:40 AM  

So sorry to hear this news Anita. It's just so incredibly frustrating when others have the control over the process but aren't as determined to unite families as they could be. I'll be praying that DHS has a change of heart and starts looking for her paperwork.

FullPlateMom 3:00 PM  

We're in the same boat, kind of. We filed on 6/15. I got word today that a typo on one document is holding us up. As soon as they get it, they will begin again. They are prompt in their responses. The responses just aren't what we would like them to be. Now Obama is coming. When Bush came it shut down the embassy for two weeks. Great.

I know you have an extra issue to deal with. So, we're still hoping for mid-August. I'm just so sorry about all of it. I know this is how it goes, but my mom heart is a little bruised right with yours.

Jen 4:39 PM  

Oh I hear you. I had planned on court going faster and had been so hoping to have Godfred home by the time school started in early August.
It is so silly that they won't look at it and you can't even ask until August 2... ugg.

Hang in there, we will all get through this and at some point, it will be a distant memory..


A. Gillispie 8:21 PM  

Thanks all. I know most of you have "been there, done that!" Laurel--because of Kendi's medical condition her visa will be denied, then we file a waiver so she can enter the US. Best case scenario is that it will take less than 10 business days. =-( Cora, you have been waiting a LONG time girl!!!! Longer than me for sure! FPM, I was just reading your blog today and thinking that we are in similar places. I'll be praying that GhanaGirl's paperwork is on the move again VERY soon!

Awo 11:04 AM  

I'm in the same boat. Because of passport delays, it looks like Abena won't be home this month like she was "supposed" to be. I try to be super-spiritual about it but it truly sucks! I'll pray that Kendi is able to come home SOON!