Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Giving Thanks!!!!!!

Thanks to all of you who commented on my good news of the day! I don't even know what to say. I have just felt like dropping on my knees to Praise Him all day long! And when I say I can breath again, I'm speaking literally. The stress of the last month really got to me to the point that my doc gave me a med to take for anxiety attacks. Every day at about midday (hmmm...5pm Ghana time) my heart rate would spike and I'd get dizzy and couldn't catch my breath. Today I could breath again!

I had a friend who got a good piece of adoption news last week. I told her to take a day and just bask in the glory of the good news before she started thinking about the next step. Yeah right. That's just almost impossible with personalities like she and I have. I can feel great all day about the good news while at the same time planning my next move for this adoption.

It does feel like we're finally getting there though. Just one more step and she's home. Ah heck. I'm just going to say it. Let come what will. Most of you have already figured it out anyway. KENDI IS HIV+. There. I said it. It's official. Family that didn't know...we're going to have a meeting to put your minds at ease. Church...same deal.

So NOW I can talk about the last hurdle. Kendi's visa is going to be denied, because HIV+ people are not allowed to immigration into the United States. However, there is a WAIVER that can be turned in, showing evidence that this particular HIV+ person has a family and a plan in the United States. This particular HIV+ has medical care lined up and won't be a burden on society. After Kendi's visa is denied, we will turn in all of this additional documentation showing why she should be given a waiver and be allowed to immigrate. We have NO worries that they won't approve the waiver. It's just a matter of timing. In ET, where they do much more HIV+ adoptions, they've got it down to 10 days, and sometimes less!! My DREAM for Ghana would be for it to be done in 10 days, but I'm preparing myself for 4-6 weeks. Ghana hasn't done many of these. They just don't have the experience to process them as quickly (boy do I hope I'm wrong)!

So that's the story. Kendi really does have one really big hurdle left to get over. But she will. It's just a timing thing. If the weeks drag on I'll turn into weary Anita again, I am sure. But today is a day for new hope, so right now I am going to HOPE for a 10 day turn around so that my baby can be with me by the end of August!


Tricia 9:37 PM  

Yay! I love a positive Anita.

Amy 10:01 PM  


Still so happy for your wonderful, blessed news!!!

I wondered if you were going to decide to say it or leave it vague and you know what sister? I am SO glad to hear you say it because now that you have it means that everyone that reads you blog will learn. Truly learn. Not that you have any obligation to teach it, but your example will. :) There is no shame in Kendi's status and your willingness to not let there be will benefit many.

Love you,

whenpigsfly 10:15 PM  

Still happy danicng here for you Anita!!!!!!!!! Trusting with you that the turnaround will be quick from denial to approval so sweet Kendi can come home. I'm proud of you for this post and you know we have been beside yo ufrom moment one!

Nicole Anderson 10:58 PM  

I am so happy for you, and your family! I am praying for 10 days!!

Lee 6:22 AM  

YAY Anita!
It's time to break down some barriers about HIV! It's not the scary unknown that we grew up thinking it was - it's a manageable chronic illness.

Can't wait to see Kendi HOME with you!

Jodie 6:54 AM  


A big congrats! Hoping and Praying that the next step goes quickly and you can have your little girl home very very soon.

Bingaling 7:26 AM  

Oh, how I am praying Ghana can process that waiver QUICKLY!!! Putting Kendi's status out there is a bit scary, I'm sure...but I know that God will use your example to break down barriers for others and find more HIV+ kiddos a loving family.
Love you,

Kait 8:40 AM  

I hope you can get the waiver processed quickly and have Kendi home soon!

HIV is, like someone else said, a manageable chronic illness. I've learned so much about it from Erin's blog and I'm sure you have too.

Awo 8:46 AM  

Oh, Anita. I am so HAPPY for your good news! And I'll be praying for the visa waiver, too.

In His Dust 10:43 AM  

SOOOOOOO excited for you and your family! I CANNOT wait to see that beautiful little girl in your arms for good!

Cora 11:59 AM  

Just an extra hurdle but you will get through it. I hope they process it quickly. So excited for your whole family!

khmer 2:34 PM  

Congratulations on your newest addition. I pray this last little hurdle will be quick turnaround. I'm a RN and work with a Infectious Disease MD who has stated if she was given the choice between HIV and diabetes she would take the HIV. It is a manageable chronic disease.

Best Wishes!

Shallee 11:01 AM  

I'm usually a lurker, but I wanted to say congratulations on being that much closer to bringing your daughter home!

Also, I saw this article today and thought of your family! You probably already know about it, but I thought I'd share anyway. I know it wouldn't change anything for Kendi's adoption, but it's a huge step forward for families adopting HIV+ kids! Let's hope it goes through!

Bethany 7:29 PM  

She couldn't be any cuter! Huge congrats.
P.S. If any of your readers would like more info about pediatric HIV, I blog about it at