Thursday, July 30, 2009

Need your hair expertise!

Okay ya'll.... from the last post you can see that my child is in serious need of some hair growth! She was pretty much completely bald when she came into care last October. She's had a little growth since then, but her hair is still very sparse. There is a lot of space between each strand of hair. And it is still very unhealthy--brittle and red. We've had kids come into care before with reddish or very unhealthy hair because of malnutrition, but they all recouped much quicker than Kendi has.

There is something that happened to Kendi when she was still inside her mother's womb. A sort of poisoning. I'm beginning to wonder if that has anything to do with her hair not returning? At any rate....

Who has a magic cure for me?! Who knows of a product that is going to help Kendi's hair grow and become strong once she is home? We're on a budget, but for THIS cause I will probably spend more than I would normally spend because I am truly a bit concerned about her hair! Let's hear it ladies. Any magic grow products out there?

I dream of corn rows and zulu knots and piggy-back braids, but at this rate we'll never even get a cute afro going!



Bingaling 7:28 PM  

I have absolutely NO advice on this...but maybe you need to invest in some really cute headbands with bows or flowers??
Regardless...she's beautiful with or without hair.

A. Gillispie 7:43 PM  

LOL! Chanda, I should have taken stock in a headband company because we have been going crazy buying them! I tried hats while we were in Ghana and that was a complete no go, although she did put on my hankie for a few minutes. =-) I have also bought some of those bows made for babies with very little hair. And just about all of her clothes are SUPER girly--got make sure people know she is a little LADY not a Gent!

Lee 7:49 PM  

I have ZERO experience with this - but could the damage done in utero be preventing her from absorbing the vitamins and minerals as fully as she would otherwise?
She is obviously growing some hair, but perhaps a nutritionist or naturopath would have some suggestions.

In any case, she is a little beauty - can't wait to see her home!

Cora 8:06 PM  

I have no advice, sorry but I joined the yahoo group adoptionhair_skin and they have some great advice. Ok I don't really know if it is great because I haven't been able to put any of it to practice but there is a lot there so some should be good right?
Take Care, Cora

whenpigsfly 9:51 PM  

my guess would be that good American nutrition, read protein, will be a big help, AND, maybe she is just a slow hair grower. My Hannah was bald till she was almost 3 and so was I.
And yes girly clothes and girly earrings so keep the gender -guess mistakes to a minimum!

Beckie Sibley 5:46 AM  

One of my Sierra Leonean daughters arrived with thin orangish hair. While I don't know what (other than proper nutrition) will cause hair growth, I will say that it will be very important to keep Kendi's hair natural, meaning no extensions or chemicals. The extensions add weight and pulling on already stressed roots. Chemicals are obvious.

You will have lots of fun with her hair as it grows. I love my African daughters' hair! I sooo look forward to Kendi's homecoming!

lishoprah 9:56 AM  

My daughter came home from Liberia in 2003 quite malnourished because of the war at the time. We found Omega 3/6 oils to help with her hair not being brittle. She would actually eat a spoonful of olive oil a day and loved it, but you can add olive oil or flax seed oil, canola oil to food, eat salmon, etc. We do have friends with 3 Liberian girls and the youngest had hair like Kendi's -- it took 3 years before her mom could do braids and she still adds fake hair so it looks healthy. Also, I love Carol's Daughter products -- won't work miracles but will keep her hair and scalp healthy.