Friday, July 31, 2009

This week in Pics

Just some fun pics from the week.

It is so sweet to me how the kids all play together even though Ryder happens to only be 2 months old. They just put him in his little seat and talk to him like he really knows what they are saying!

Ryder stayed part of the weekend last weekend. Eric has such a way with babies. They just love him.

Bright is headed back to school next week (he goes to public school 3 year old program 1/2 days). He is SO excited and can't wait to see his teacher and friends again. Last night he was pretending to get ready for school--backpack, zebra scarf, teddy bear and all! pics are a little Ryder heavy this week. But seriously, how can you now take pics of this kid?! The boys were taking turns kissing him today so we took the opportunity to stage a pic of them kissing him at the same time. Ryder added his own "What they heck are they doing?" face! LOL!

The kids completed the summer reading program. They were so excited over their rewards--inflatable crayons, medals, and coupon books. I wish they were so easily motivated to do their chores!


Amy 11:48 PM  

SUCH cute pics. Honestly, I cannot believe how big Bright is getting! He is such a big boy now. Your kiddos are all precious and yes, that Ryder is darned photogenic!


Beckie Sibley 12:59 AM  

Jeepers! They are all growing so big. Bright no longer has a baby look to him. Exciting times ahead for the Gillispie family!!!