Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Every day at around noon (5pm Ghana time) I get a huge gush of diappointment. Then every night at about this time I get a rush of optimismn. Maybe tomorrow will be the day our I-600 is approved? May tomorrow is God's day for the timing of this. Day 36, dead and gone. Day 37, here we come.

P.S. I try not to think about the possibility that they are making an example of their "power" because I am an adoption coordinator. I try...


Nadia 8:59 PM  

Do you remember the friends who I was telling you about..the baby, ghana, deciding to go to ET to get a child again..their agency declared bankruptcy today and they are out their entire homestudy, almost a year and all adoption fees. UGH. praying for all the families that already had kids referred! it's so maddening!!

Kait 9:19 PM  

I'm in the same boat kind of. We've had a family members two daughters for over a year and are just waiting on the consent papers from her to get here so we can finish our adoption. She has verbally consented to us but has yet to actually get the papers to our lawyer. It's maddening to get the mail every day and not see them, but every morning I have a wild rush of hope like "I'm certain today will be the day! We'll get them for sure!"

Hopefully tomorrow is the day for both of us!

whenpigsfly 9:37 PM  

Hugs Anita. I am so aching with you to get that call to come for Kendi, and aching for something to happen with our Daniel too. Like you, I wait, but for "Liberia time" to translate to "when I might hear something" time......and am usually disappointed. I will be fasting for something that IS going to happen for us on Thursday , and I will be praying for Kendi's last steps of the process to be made!!

Bingaling 9:38 PM  

Praying with you, Anita...May tomorrow be THE day.

Cora 10:22 PM  

I try not to think of the time where my baby is, it is how I cope all day. but each night I pray that he starts a good day and that our case progresses further. I hope you hear soon about your case.

Take Care, Cora

Amy 7:25 AM  

Praying with you Anita!

FullPlateMom 7:53 AM  

I sent an email today to check on our status. We filed our I600, then they needed corrected paperwork. I think they probably count the 30 days from the time they receive the completed file. What do you think? In that case, our timeline is almost exactly the same. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Is it possible that they're still shut down because of Obama?