Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cute stuff

I found out about "babylegs" linked from another blog today and I think they are really cute! I love leggings on toddler girls, don't you? The more colorful and funky the better! I just don't think it is wise of me to spend $7-$15 for a pair of cute leggings right now, but wanted to share the site http://www.babylegs.com/ with you! Ha! These are like extra long leg warmers, which would make it easier to change diapers for sure! They are also one size for all little girls baby to elementary school. I might have to save up to buy a pair or two for Kendi and Taevy.

BTW, I am on the search for a pair of leggings for the dress Kendi is wearing home from Ghana. Did you know it's hard to find leggings to match a dress that is red, green, and yellow? Yeah...a little bit. If you know of the perfect pair of leggings please let me know!



Momto14 6:35 PM  

Look on ebay. There are many sellers that make "Baby leg" type of leggings but they are much less pricey! :)

Nichole, Mia's Mommy 7:12 PM  

Sis I have a pair of red tights in Mia's drawer you can have :) Don't know if they are the right color red but red all the same lol. And I just went and looked and actually have 2 lol they are the "thin type tights, don't know if that is what you are looking for.. I have white too but I'm sure you don't want those lol

The Hullingers 10:12 PM  

If you look online, you can find several tutorials for making your own legwarmers out of ladies' knee socks. They are SO easy! I love them and my daughter does too.

Kristin Jag 12:17 AM  

We love our babylegs! Ella(6)is actually still wearing them as leg warmers or arm warmers, so I would say that they are a pretty good investment. We actually sell them at our store, so I will check on Friday to see if there are any to match her dress (or leggings). No pressure to buy them, but I can take a pic and you can decide.

Cora 8:30 AM  

Love baby legs I did not know they made thin ones now. Hope you find the perfect pair.

Anonymous 10:24 PM  

you should sign up for babysteals.com. They send out a deal a day - really good deals. And baby legs are often one of the "steals". I got two pair for $12 and free shipping!