Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kendi's Room

Well, we don't quite have a deisgner room. We didn't paint the walls, and even gave up on painting the chest of drawers. We had planned to go with black furniture, but I got lazy and we went with the darker wood we already had.
Today I got some little letters and painted them in her colors. The room is pretty much ready for her now. Just need the little pumpkin for the bed!
She's even got a towel ready and waiting for her! My mom had towels embroidered with all the kids' names on them at Christmas. She sent Kendi's in the mail a few weeks ago. Isn't it cute? This cuts down on our laundry so much because they each just have their one towel!


Jamey 8:15 PM  

Anita I think that it looks perfect for your little ladybug! Very excited for you guys!

Tricia 9:18 PM  

So cute. My mother-in-law showed me some material she was using for a baby blanket tonight that had ladybugs all over it. It made me think of Kendi.

Nichole, Mia's Mommy 9:46 PM  

You forgot to mention the Ladybug and Dragonfly Cross stitch I made lol. But I saw it in the room and it made me smile Can't wait to have her home sis!

KamPossible 5:31 AM  

Sooo adorable!!! She is going to love it.

Calico Sky 9:43 AM  

I think it looks absolutely lovely!

We are Grateful!!! 11:33 AM  

So sweet! She will love it!
:) Tami