Monday, August 17, 2009


Yes! That's right! We have a visa pick-up date for Friday morning at 8am! Kendi will have a visa on Friday!!!!!!! Makes part of me wish I could hop a plane right now to go and get her, but knowing she WILL DEFINITELY be home three weeks from today is comfort enough!!! Yee-haw!!! My baby is coming home!!!!

For anybody who's keeping track, we decided to pursue her adoption on February 11th. We got her official referral on April 3rd. We're very blessed by this timeline with a Ghana adoption.



Our Family 10:12 AM  

Yeah! I am so excited for all of you. Congratulations. I can't wait for that sweet baby to be home with your family.

Bingaling 11:20 AM  

I am so unbelievably excited for you!! And for what this might indicate for future HIV adoptions from Ghana. So excited that your little girlie is going to be home soon, Soon, SOON!!! Praying you have peace and comfort these last 3 weeks...and that your worries melt away.

At the Foot of the Cross 12:03 PM  

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Salzwedel Family 1:09 PM  

Praising with you Anita! This is awesome news.

whenpigsfly 1:45 PM  

Weeping unabshedly for you and ALL your news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a wonderful bunch of news to come home and find after a 90% non-producitve trip to Mardels' and a a big back order email from Rainbow Resource, and continued silence from Liberia.
I am totally thrilled for you and praising God with you Anita!!

Andrea 1:46 PM  


ManyBlessings 6:58 PM  

Congratulations!! That is one FAST timeline!!! :D

C and G 10:01 PM  

Woooooo hoooo! God is good!