Sunday, September 27, 2009

Headbands, Headbands, Headbands...

I wrote a post on this blog once titled "I Dream of Corn Rows." Well, I still am! There is literally nothing I can do with Kendi's hair except put a hat or a headband on (and she won't typically keep a hat on). We have about 50 headbands (thanks to the dollar store). But I've got to admit I am sick of headbands! I think that Kendi is too. Today she took some bows (that won't actually stay in her hair) and added them to her headband. I'm not sure about the multiple bow styling, but I think she's onto something. Of course she had to get dramatic for the camera. She's not exactly into posing for me. But give it time!


Jen 5:34 PM  

Enjoy the headbands because one day you will spend 9 hours in a day to braid hair and you won't be done!

I actually enjoyed when I cut Selina's hair short last summer(because of the bald spot in back) and getting different headbands.

It does give you time to get used to it and get it healthy as it grows out. That is nice to be able to do..