Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Singing Praises

Well, it's official. My brain is glop. I can no longer focus to teach the children during the day, and the children can no longer focus for me to teach them. I'm also having a very difficult time doing my AAI work. We are all just so READY for the weekend to be here! My parents are coming down Friday night, so once we get to that point it will be easier to make it to early Sunday morning when we leave for Chicago.

Today, instead of more formal studies, we've had LOTS of music. Our kids have decided that they should make up songs to sing at Kendi's welcome home party. They are so cute. I'll try to get videos of them singing later, but here are a few of the lyrics....

"My sista's comin' home from Ghana.
My sista's comin' home from Ghana.
And I will praise the Lord. Oh Jesus,
Yes, I will praise the Lord."

"Kendi Mae is comin' home, she's comin' home, she's comin' home.
Kendi Mae is comin' home! (x2)

She's flyin' high up in the sky, she's telling Ghana bye-bye.
Kendi Mae is coming home! (x2)

She's eating chips n' dip n' cake and making' her itty bitty belly ache.
Kendi Mae is comin' home! (x2)

Well she's laughing and she's cryin' and she's poutin' and she's smilin'.
Kendi Mae is comin' home! (x2)"

We've also got a Kendi Mae customized version of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" in progress. =-)

Now do I think the kids are going to actually sing in front of everybody once they get here? Nope! But it's still fun memories.



Mark and Charmaine 7:24 PM  

Wow....what an incredible family experience! We'll be praying for you all!

whenpigsfly 8:17 PM  

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm singing with you!!!
auntie Linda

Laurel 9:28 PM  

Cute songs!

On of the joys of homeschooling is FLEXIBILITY! Enjoy this week with your kids ... they'll still get to their readin' writin' and 'rithmetic.

mama of 13
homeschooling for 19 years

bbqdaisy 10:17 PM  

I LOVE coming on your blog :)
How totally SWEET!
I can totally relate ... ooooooh it gets hard when you can count the sleeps on your hand until when your precious one comes HOME!!!!!
Blessings on your last few days before your BEAUTIFUL daugther is HOME!

Cora 6:57 AM  

I love it, sing away! Have a speedy week until your Kendi Mae time!