Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hair Night

I've been letting Bright's hair grow out. Since he came home almost 2.5 years ago I have kept his hair very short. I basically shave it bald every 4 weeks or so. It's been interesting to actually need to comb his hair, and see his tiny fro shining through! LOL!

Tonight I decided just to play with it a bit and see what we could do. I love the rasta-like style I see on some of the young guys in Ghana. They are like very short locs--2-3 inches at most. They spike out everywhere and look totally cool. This is the best version I could find on the internet, but my ideal would have Bright's shorter than this--sticking straight up.
With that in mind, I started finger coiling tonight. Bright, who HATES to have his hair cut (screams his head off the whole time) and who complains even when I comb it out, was so good! After I told him it was either this, or I was cutting it, he was a very cooperative little guy. ;-)

It's still so short that you can't really tell it's even twisted in certain lights, but he is absolutely THRILLED. Bright is always so jealous when I spend time doing Taevy and Kendi's hair. He has a flare for fashion and beauty. He wants mommy to "do" his hair. We'll see. I have no idea if they will even still be there when he wakes up in the morning!
What do you think? Honestly. Does this suit Bright, or should we give up and shaving him short again?



Heather A. 10:31 AM  

It suits Bright, and if HE loves it. . . well then. I'm all about the finger coils. I did them for Soph before we started her hair ban, and they're so easy to do even with long hair. You could let his hair grow even longer!

I was also talking with a woman with the most beautiful locks on Friday and she said that she does them herself. I'm thinking of trying that with Sophia's hair, but I'm afraid that her hair isn't kinky enough. It might be something for Bright though. It's so handsome on men and boys!

Cora 8:59 PM  

I love it, don't give up yet he obviously likes it. Good Luck keep us posted.

Bingaling 7:43 AM  

I love it! I've been thinking about doing this with Enoch as well - though I'm not sure his hair is kinky enough for it. Theo's would be...but I don't think he'd go for that style (he wants his mohawk back).

I've always loved that hair look.

Stacey Reynolds 7:32 AM  

Hey Anita,

I like it. I have been twisting Daniel's hair for over a year now and it looks great. He loves it too and will sit for the 2 hours it takes me to do his hair (every 2weeks or so we touch it up). The only negative thing is that several Ghanaian males (living in the US) have told me to shave it off- they don't like it- "it is not serious enough". But Daniel cried (and this is a kid who doesn't cry often) when I talked about shaving it off so I figured- HE likes it and I like it so who cares what other people think?

whenpigsfly 5:12 PM  

I think its cool and my friend's Liberian boy would look GREAT with a Bright-loc do!! Do yo ujsut section it and twist till you run out of hair?
Heather A, have you tried yarn braids? I'm told they are gentler on the real hair than an acrylic weave job, and it lasts for like three months . Ireally like how it looks . whe nfriend Laurel was here last month with her girls I got to see hwo great the yard braids really look.
Can't wait to play with Diamoh's hair when she gets home, will have to settle for Daniel's boy locs if he has enough to play with