Friday, November 13, 2009

Party Perfect Jollaf Rice!

The Jollof Rice was a HUGE hit tonight! It was the easiest of the three recipes I made because after the initial prep it was just a matter of baking it in the oven. It tasted exactly like the Jollof I've eaten in Ghana, except not quite as spicy (which is how I would prefer it). Everybody in my family (even Samren!) loved it and went back for seconds. Eric said that Jollof will be added to our regular family menu. =-)

The recipe I used came from THIS BLOG. I haven't talked about BetumiBlog here yet, but I LOVE this blog! It is the best resource for Ghanaian food that I have found to date--at least Ghanaian food that really tastes like what I eat in Ghana. There are also recipes from Ethiopia and other African countries. I know of several adoptive families that use Betumi as the go-to source for making comfort food for their Ghanaian kids. Thanks to Fran, the author for the wonderful resource!

I used green beans (cooked fresh yesterday) and shredded carrots as the veggies in the jollof tonight. For our family that combo worked great. But you could use peas or cabbage or just about any other veggie.
I think I got confused when adding spices, and have a feeling I didn't end up putting in as much as I was supposed to. But it was just right for our clan.
For some reason, long grain rice never cooks for me in the amount of time listed in recipes. The recipe called for about 35 minutes. It took about an hour for my rice to be done.



Kerry 8:46 AM  

I just discovered Betumi this week! How funny you should post the very same recipe! I didn't use Fran's recipe, but found a slightly simpler one on recipezaar. It was REALLY good, but the rice was mushier than I'd like, so next time I'm going to try Fran's oven method.

Your jollof looks LOVELY!

Sister Beta 3:43 PM  

Cool! Thanks for posting...can't wait to try it! I'm sure my Ghana Man can make this with his eyes closed, but I want to make it for him!

Kristin Jag 1:31 AM  

I think a bunch of us made Jollof this week-too funny! We didn't have quite the same hit since Kwame was sick until yesterday. He is now eating the left overs and crying if we don't give him more Ghana rice, as he calls it.

A. Gillispie 9:33 PM  

Thanks Kerry!

Sister Beta, I'm betting your guy can make some mean jollaf! Praying that his visa is issued post haste with no delays!!!

Kristin, it was definitely Jollof week, wasn't it?! I think I might try your recipe next time. Sorry Kwame was feeling sick. =-(