Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monster Trucks have invaded Jeruselem

Bright got some Monster Trucks as a Christmas gift from our neighbor today. He's decided our nativity area would be an awesome place to set up a truck park. He's moving Mary and Joseph around. They are picking out which truck is their favorite.

Do you KNOW how long I have waited to see Bright playing with a truck/car/moving vehicle? From the moment I met Bright he has been into all things shiny and pink--not brawny and blue. It was cute. It *IS* cute (to me). I've never seen a boy so into traditionally girl things. Bright has said many times that he IS a girl. He says he wants to be a girl. But when Kendi came home SHE played with trucks. So for the first time we saw play with a truck. And we smiled. Then trucks were added to his Christmas wants.
Not to make this too serious of a post, but Bright's affinity for all things girly even caused Eric and I to have the "What if" conversation about gender confusion/homos*xuality. Please don't tell me that all boys go through the stage of liking girl things. I know that. Samren did, and he is one of the biggest "boy's boys" I know. Bright's preferences were WAY beyond that. And he liked nothing "boy." I don't know if Bright will still want to be a girl when he's older. I don't know if he will like boys or girls. But I know I love him and will always welcome him in our home and family.

For now though, we're enjoying seeing him play with trucks! After all, even girls should have a good truck!

P.S. Pleae no comments about homos*xuality and Christianity. No negative comments about IF Bright goes down that path. I will delete them. Just not ready to go there yet.


Renee 9:56 PM  

He's such a darling boy!

Terynn 11:20 PM  

Saw the title of the post and could. not. imagine. where you were headed with it. lol Now, it makes perfect sense. :D

Bright is a darling boy. Your boy. Forever. Period.

Laurel 12:49 AM  

With a godly Daddy and wonderful big brother to lead the way, I believe that Bright, too, can become a "manly man". Don't worry about defining him at such a young age. Let him explore ... let him figure out who he is ... encourage all things boy, but don't worry if he plays with dolls (or trucks) with Kendi.

One of my older boys asked for "a cookbook" for Christmas when he was 10. Grandpa sure looked at him funny. But, guess what? He is totally a Godly young man ... but he also works as a "Grill Man" at an upscale Western BBQ Grill Restaurant. So ... that interest in cooking has paid off.

Enjoy your kids, even when they don't fit into the little boxes that people try to put them in.

Soooo... sad that you would even have to make the comment about what type of comments you would delete. Sad, that someone might even go there.

mama of many :)

Jen 7:10 AM  

I could not not post here Anita. From the beginning, Bright has reminded me so much of my 6 year old nephew Paul - the most awesome, adorable, sweet, kind, wonderful little boy. Paul likes dresses, dolls, and has often said he feels like a girl inside. In Paul's case, he started to back off playing with the things he loved because "people think I'm weird". It's sad - you could not imagine a more dear boy and having him feel weird for who he is just breaks my heart.
God Bless Bright and my Paulie - two wonderful little boys with awesome families :-) who love them just the way they are.

Junior Junction Childcare 7:29 AM  

Thank you for accepting your child for who he is. It is people like you who truly live their faith that give me hope for the Christian religion. I fall on the GLBT spectrum and left the church as a teen when I was constantly condemned for the way I was born. I finally found a church home in the Unitarian Universalist church where I and my (large transracial foster adoptive) family have been accepted with open arms. If all those who call themselves Christians were as accepting as you sound like you will be towards your son, I could wonder if a Christian church could be my home again.

Deborah 7:31 AM  

Thank you so much for all the work you did so that two beautiful children are in our home this Christmas. We have taught them to respond to the question: "Where are you?"
with a happy: "Home for Christmas!"
I love you forever for everything you did for us!!

Kait 8:04 AM  

Kudos to you for saying that no matter who Bright grows up to be, he will still be your son. He's a beautiful child and hopefully he will not struggle with gender identity but if he does, I'm sure it will be reassuring to him to have a safe place to land with his family.

Cora 12:17 PM  

Monster trucks the perfect modern accessory to the Nativity, :0).
It is so great to see children find joy in new intersets. You have a wonderful kid & that smile is almost too much to handle.

FullPlateMom 2:25 PM  

That's sad that you would have to delete anything. You go Bright. My little brother has a very dear friend who was born Sara and is now Peter. A Godly, Christian man. Peter has taught me so much about God knowing the path you should take and sending you down it, even when some people don't understand it. I have learned so much from Peter. IF that is the path Bright chooses, which you won't know for a LONG time, then it's awesome to have a family that backs him up.