Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Updates

[I'm sorry! Blogger isn't making paragraphs. Nobody is going to be able to read this!]

I don't have anything BIG, but several small things. I want you all to know that sometimes I write to get something that feels important out to people. But sometimes I write just because this is like a little journal--to record things for future reference. I just don't want ya'll to think that I think my life is SO important that every little thing needs to be announced to the world! =-)

Don't you love pretty snows? On Christmas Eve we got what I thought was going to be a few inches but turned out to be ten. We got the second blizzard warning EVER in our area. It was an ugly snow while it was happening. Yesterday we got two more inches and it was MUCH prettier. Big beautiful slowly falling flakes that stuck to the trees and made everything seem frosted. We have had snow on the ground for about a week now. I don't know if I ever remember the show staying on the ground here that long. Our big snows usually happen in March, when they melt quickly. In December we get ice. At least we skipped that!

It is really unbelievable that it is almost 2010. Really? I remember sitting in my fourth grade class adding up how old I would be in the year 2000 (24). As a child I don't think I ever thought past the year 2000. We plan to ring in the new year in a very low key manner. We rented some movies tonight, for the weekend. We will play games with the kids. And hopefully start the new year off with a clean house. In the past I might feel like a loser for not having plans. But this year, no plans feels just right.

I was more than a bit leery of what people's reaction might be too Kendi's new hair do (with the tiny snappy ponies). I don't look forward to the first time a well-meaning black mommy tells me I need to do such-in-such with her hair! It's not a "pretty" fro right now, but not long enough to do anything with. Anyway, when we were at our appointment in Arkansas I had 3 black people comment positively on her hair. Whew! One said it was cute. The other two just wanted to know where I got those tiny little "barrettes!" And for the record, we made it two days with that style!

Kendi's HIV appointment went well. It's sort of crazy to drive 5 hours up and 5 hours back just for a half hour appointment. But at the same time I suppose I'm very glad that there was nothing significant about it. The staff at Arkansas Children's is just amazing. And I ADORE our doctor (Dr. Stovall). Kendi has gained 2 pounds, which they were happy with. So now she's 23 pounds and 33 inches. Her chest and ears look good (she's had a respiratory "thing"). She's got several swollen lymph nodes (HIV hides in them), but nothing too concerning. The doc even wanted to take a look at her hair to see if it was becoming healthier (not so much). She really thinks that the HIV just happens to affect Kendi's ability to grow healthy hair. We'll get some hair, eventually! As long as her labs come back okay, we don't have to go back until early spring.

Thanks again to all that prayed for my mom. Come to find out, she got a stomach virus on TOP of her already nasty cold/flu virus. My mom has had a procedure done for reflux that basically makes it impossible for her to throw up. But this virus hit her so hard that she went into a fit where her body couldn't stop TRYING to throw up (and the "other). She was retching so violently that she couldn't catch her breath. Her breathing became very labored. Then her body began to seize up on her. Her hands "clawed" up. Her face went numb. Her arms folded, then her legs folded. She was tingling all over. She really thought she might be having a stroke, and was praying for the Lord to give her more time with her family on earth. It was a very scary situation. What happened was that her body was low on oxygen. The rigidity was her body's reaction to the low oxygen (can't remember the name). At any rate, after 3 re-hydrating bags through the IV, and strong doses of anti-nausea, the acute situation passed and she was able to leave the hospital. She is still quite sick, and now very run down. We covet you're continued prayers for her healing, but it looks like the really scary stuff is behind us. She asked me to tell you all thank you. =-)

My mom called tonight to bring to my attention that I have taken the Amsterdam-Detroit flight through Delta/Northwest several times. This was the flight that the bombing attempt happened on last week. So weird to think about! I've always thought Amsterdam security was OVER THE TOP--but I guess I was wrong!!!!

Someone asked how the new puppy is working out. She's just as sweet as she can be. She hadn't had hardly any human contact before she came to us, so we're still working with her on social graces. =-) She's very cuddly and sweet, but sometimes gets scared when you walk up to her. She's pretty timid. And if she gets excited or scared she pees--ugh. Hoping she grows out of that one! She's a chewer, but I'm not worried about that. Potty training...well after two very easily trained dogs (one accident each) I suppose I'm due for a hard-to-train pup. She definitely doesn't get it yet. The kids ADORE here. And the other dogs are doing pretty well with her so far. We've had a few moments where the others had to teach her who was boss, and have one slightly chewed up ear as a result. Her name is Layla. We meant to name her Zada (Arabic for "very fortunate") but kept accidentally calling her Layla instead. So Layla she is.

It never ceases to amaze me that whenever I have a discouraging or frustrating day with my work, the Lord sends something to encourage me. I can't go into many details, but there is a little girl. She is quite a survivor. She came to us severely delayed and the best adoption doctors in the U.S. did not forecast a good outcome for her. Then she sat. And she started reaching out for objects. And holding them! And then playing with them!! And now she is standing!!!!! Eban House is so *NOT* perfect. No group care setting is perfect. But wow. We're doing *something* right if children are able to blossom like that. Not to take anything away from that child's will to grow and develop--but kids lose that will if it's not nurtured. I'm just so thankful to be the slightest bit involved with a team of people who love these children each day.



Amy 7:09 AM  

I have flown that flight many times, too! Is that how you get home from Ghana? It's our ride back from Tanzania. I'm glad to read your mom is feeling better. That sounds scary! I twisted my son's hair like you were doing to Bright's. It took 3 days of 2 hour stretches, but he loves it. I tried your method of rubbing it, but his was too long. Happy 2010!!

Amy 9:33 AM  

10 inches of snow!!! I wore shorts and a tank top yesterday - not even kidding! Glad your mom is ok! Amy Fritch

Cora 1:44 PM  

We are expecting our big snow today and tonight, I am so happy to be staying home. Glad to hear about your Mom, my Mom had that done to her stomach too and has a really bad time whne she gets sick, never that bad but I can imagine how awful it must have been for her. I pray she continues to recover.
Happy to hear about the positive comments on Kendi's hair, just wait until it really comes in and all the cute do's that await you.
Happy New Year, Cora

Deborah 10:16 AM  

I am so happy that your mom is ok. What a scary thing!
I am also very happy that Kendi is doing so well.
And I AGREE - the Aunties at Eban House are AMAZING. They work hard; they love the children; they pour their hearts into what they do and it shows. I see it in my two youngest children every day. One day, I want to bless the Aunties for all they have done for my family. When I think about it, because they love the children, they are teaching the children to love each other, so their efforts are multiplied. ie: big girls help with babies, hair - big boys hlep with lunch chores - they encourage each other and hug each other and wait for each other. Love is fostered at Eban House. Children live what they learn.