Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cabin Fever

Kids conked out on our bed after a long hard day of vegging.
Uh-oh! This is what happens when Bright's newly oiled head lays on a shedding Akita. Yikes!

Eric is about to go C-R-A-Z-Y being in this house! LOL! He's been home from the hospital almost a week now. He doesn't hurt enough to take pain pills (praise!) and has more energy than he's had for a long time. Oddly, he doesn't really see the change that I do. Before the surgery Eric would sit in front of the TV and fall asleep within seconds. He would doze in and out all night long--weekend or weekday didn't matter. Then he would go to bed at 10pm...11pm TOPS, and sleep easily until mid morning if he didn't have work the next day.

Now, Eric doesn't want to sleep. He is up. He doesn't fall asleep accidentally in front of the T.V.. He really doesn't even want to sit in front of the TV. He wants to do something. They won't let him work yet, so he's started a blog (details soon)--a pet project where he will share deals he's found on the internet and such. He's working hours on end on this blog. He's going to bed after midnight and is up by 8am. It's really sort of funny to observe since he doesn't see that he's different. =-)

One thing is for sure. We ALL have a bit of cabin fever going on. The kids are bored of being home all the time, so they seem extra loud. Eric isn't used to being around the LOUD kids 24/7, so they are driving him batty. I've already gotten the, "I don't know how you do it!" comment. Not because what I do is hard, but because the kids drive him crazy. On the other hand, I'm not used to have Eric home all the time, so HE is the one driving me crazy! LOL! Add in a good dose of Predisone (which makes the taker pretty cranky) and you can imagine what it's like around here. Earlier tonight Eric hid himself away in the bedroom just to get some peace and quite. Poor guy. It's not like he can hop in the car and go for a quick errand just to get away for a bit.

Still, if Cabin Fever is our worst "symptom" from a kidney transplant, I think that is worth a PRAISE! Don't you?!


Amy 12:00 AM  

I just LOVED reading this- it must be so amazing to see those changes in Eric. I love you my friend and our family continues to pray for Eric's full recovery. Miss you girl, but sending SO many good thoughts your way!


Momto14 7:22 AM  

That is a definite PRAISE. Is it just me or are the dogs shedding a ton right now? my one small dog at home leaves more hair everyday than I think is on her body. Its maddening!
I think that you need an at home vacation planned- maybe some fun activities to spice things up a bit. Pinata in the living room? :)

A. Gillispie 11:29 PM  

Fabu--love you too! I think we'd have a lot more fun around here if Aunt Fabu was around. Why do you have to live so far away, anyway?!

Sarah, yes! Praising! I swear our Akita is shedding like it's already spring. TONS of hair. This spring we'll have about 3 months of the Akita and Husky "blowing coat", which makes this look like a "little" shed. I love her but I swear the hair is in every nook and cranny of this house!