Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haiti, Continued

I have a friend named Sarah who has many people in her life that could have been directly affected by today's earth quake in Haiti. Please GO TO HER BLOG to read what she has heard from those she knows and loves in Haiti. The picture of The National Palace posted on her blog really solidified the devastation for me. Imagine if our White House had crumbled like that. The National Palace is one of the only "pretty" buildings to look at in Port-au-Prince (from my memory). It was like a little peace of heaven in the midst of a lot of pain and suffering. Even if just this building had fallen the nation would mourn. But this building is NOTHING in the scheme of things.
Please pray.

P.S. I've only been to Haiti once--in 2003. I spent my time visiting the director and children of New Life Link (an orphanage mentioned in Sarah's post).


Kait 4:14 PM  

I just blogged about this. I went to Haiti twice as a teen and I loved it, even though it was a hard place to be. I am devastated by the damage done and the death toll. Hopefully the world is swift in supplying aid and Haitians can get the help they need.