Monday, January 11, 2010

"Minor Special Need"

A prospective adoptive mom made my day yesterday. She inquired about AAI's Ghana program and mentioned that she was open to "minor special needs such as HIV." Hip! Hip! Horray!!! Doesn't she deserve an award?! I just love that she referred to HIV as a "minor special need!"



Rachel 8:31 AM  

That is AWESOME! :)

It's all in the perspective. I consider A's Down Syndrome to be a minor special need too.

Stephanie 9:12 AM  

When we were considering adopting an HIV+ child (and we still may some day) I talked with an immunologist to ask his opinion on HIV. He said if he had to have a child with a special need he would choose having them be HIV+ because it is so manageable!

Andrea 2:13 PM  

That is INDEED awesome. I too consider it minor as well... how awesome is that?!