Friday, February 19, 2010

Filling Easter Baskets Yet?

I know that even though it's February I'm already thinking about Easter. Don't you love Easter? Celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and savior! Does it get better than that? Not only that, but the colors, the smell of grass, cute little Easter baskets, dressing up for church. Ach, I just love it.

I have a bloggy-friend who is doing the most wonderful fundraiser for her adoption! She and her husband have created a coloring book--a really cute coloring book. The cost is $5 plus $2 shipping for first book, $1 shipping for each additional book. I know that's more expensive than most of us spend on a coloring book, but it's helping someone bring their first child home! To me, that's worth a few extra bucks. I'd rather spend $6-$7 on a coloring book that helps bring an adorable little boy home from Burundi than $1-$3 on a coloring book where the profits just go into a big company's pockets.

Head over to COLOR ME HOME to order yours today!



Cora 12:13 AM  

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, I was just catching up on your blog and did not expect to see this at all.
We are truly feeling blessed this weekend as we are amazed at response that only one week has generated.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well.

Take Care, Cora