Friday, February 12, 2010


Aren't these pretty? My sweet husband had these delivered for me today. He know that I would rather have a live plant than cut flowers, so a miniature rose bush was delivered. =-) Eric definitely lacks in the romance department, but every once in a while he surprises me.
Surgery is set for 8:45 Monday morning. We'll be at the hospital at 6:45. Say a prayer for Eric and the other three kids who will be going it alone for the day plus that Kendi and I will be chillin' at the hospital.
Tomorrow is set as a work day around here. It's going to be LOVELY with highs in the upper 50's. So we're draining dialysis fluid so we can have our bedroom back! Currently we have a whole wall dedicated to dialysis supplies. Then we're moving our room around for a fresh outlook on things. The rest of the Christmas lights will be collected off the bushes out side (I know, I know). Basically, a little pre-Spring Spring cleaning.
I hope everybody has a nice Valentine's weekend. Can't say as I care a bit about this fake holiday (as far as Eric giving me anything) but I do like all the hearts and love. And I like to get our kids a few little things to remind them just how much we love them!


Cora 11:32 PM  

They are beautiful and will make a sweet addition to your garden. I know it is a made up holiday but any day that reminds us to appreciate one another is ok with me.
I will be thinking of you and Kendi Monday.

Take care,