Thursday, April 29, 2010

Completely Random Thoughts....

As we left the ground from Accra, heading to Amsterdam, I jotted down random observations to pass the time. For whatever they are worth...

**I like KLM way better than Delta. KLM planes are nicer, with individual TVs and such. They have head rests that bend. Delta planes don't have that. They don't have the nice Dutch crews either (although there are some nice Delta folks--Sandy!). Delta now runs's all booked through Delta...but if you go through Amsterdam you get a KLM plane and crew. Just saying...

**I will try not to take for granted how nice a coach KLM seat is compared to a basic Metro Mass Transit (Ghana bus) seat. I mean, I've got air conditioning, a TV, a radio, a blanket, a pillow, water, soda, a meal, a snack, a seat belt, leg room (comparitively), a reclining seat, AND a bathroom! My coach seat feels pretty darn nice right now.

**I feel like I gained a little broth and sis in the G family and a big bro and sis in the F family. Such wonderful good friends I made on this trip!

**Girls that pee (free range!) together, can accomplish anything together!

**Toliet paper. Have you ever thought about what a good invention this is? Never gave so much thought before to being thankful just to have toilet paper (rather than newspaper, or nothing at all). Such a luxury...toilet paper.

**The families I was with during this trip, I believe, were hand-picked by God to be the first through this process. 9 of 10 families could not have handled the ups and downs with 1/2 the grace these families had.

**When I first got to Ghana with the two families I was with, I thought they needed me to know it all. I thought I had to be strong for them even when I had no clue what was going on either (new process for us all). Because of that I, at first, thought there was no "heart connection." Wrong. I love these families! I just had to let them in rather than holding them at arm's distance!

**Our adventures to and from Bolga made me feel all brave and adventurous. Really, that's not at all the truth. I did for two days what my Ghanaian friends do all the time. I take that back! I did what lots of Ghanaian folks would be THANKFUL for. I road a vehicle and made it to my destination in less than a day! There are plenty in Ghana with no means to even take the "basic" bus, or anything faster than a bicycle.

**The next time your back aches from sitting in a plane seat too long, say a thank you prayer. On my flight a woman entering the restroom after me actually passed out, falling against me as I was walking away. Turns out, the woman was in heart failure. She was still handing on when we landed, but it was very serious. This was a woman in her 20's.


Kristin Jag 11:07 PM  

I love how open and honest you were about your time with the parents you traveled with. They are so fortunate to have experienced that time with you. I am still jealous of everyone that got to travel when you were there, but happy that they had that opportunity.

Brandi 12:42 AM  

I have to say that Jes told me today, "When are we going back to Tulsa... I'm really excited to hang out with Anita!" He doesn't get excited to go to Tulsa. (don't tell my parents...) =) Love you and miss you, dear friend!