Monday, April 05, 2010

Follow-Up on "the child's" comment.

BTW, I usually use names on my blogs. But in this instance, my child is really embarrassed now over the racial comment that was made. I figure I better not add insult to injury by giving the child's name. Anyway....

On the way to Kansas for Easter, we got to have another talk about the racial comment my child made. Turns out, it was from a commercial. There was a commercial on TV about some upcoming show. Not sure if it was a documentary type show or a drama. Anyway, the commercial was "full of bleeps" and was about people escaping from prison. All of the people saying bad words and all of the people breaking out of prison were black (in the commercial). From that, my child internalized that all people in prison were black. Therefore (in the child's mind) black people must be more prone to doing bad things. Therefore (in the child's mind) we must be fearful that the black people in our neighborhood will steal our bikes if the door is left open.

Ugh. Utterly ridiculous. Amazing how one stupid commercial (that was probably showing during a time BEFORE it should have been showing!) changed my child's view of an entire race. I guess I should really be thankful that comment came out now, in the safety of our home, where the misconception could be addressed and corrected.