Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm so "hot" here....

Okay, I just had to post something about this. This trip wins the prize for the most times being hit on in Ghana. I bring "much fat" which is very appealing to some Ghana guys. Yesterday a guy got out of the tro-tro and is looking all nervous and says he wants to talk to me. I'm like, yes? He says all humbling, "Well, I just want to say that I would like to adopt you as my wife." I laughed and then realize he was sort of serious, at least about liking me "that way."

I seem to be most appealing to the Rasta guys, which is funny because I like them the best too! LOL! They are just so chillin' and cool, right?! The Rasta guy in Osu today was so funny trying to figure out where my hotel was, asked me to come hear his bad play at La Beach on Wednesday. ;-)

But the guy up here at First Junction in Teshie wins the prize. I'm minding my own business buying a watermelon and the guy comes up. He remembers me from another trip but I don't remember him. I play along anyway. Wasn't long before I realized he is REALLY drunk. I could smell the alcohol. He's talking back and forth and I'm trying to be nice. I stall at the fruit stand so he could start walking ahead of me (my hotel is nearby and I don't want him to know where I'm staying).. Well, I walked behind him a little too close and he saw me again as I was walking. He wants to help me carry my melon, etc.. "God bless you. You are so beautiful. I love you." I'm going into my hotel (with a locked gate and security guard) when he's like, "Oh, you can at least give me a hug bye, yeah?" Okay, fine. So I hug the guy. Then he really starts sucking my neck! ACK! There was just a bit of a scene! But hey, there's another one for the story book, right?!!

Anita...feeling so "beau-tee-full!"


Tanya 4:56 PM  

funny. i was proposed to a few times and even straight up asked if i'd like to "make love".

they do like the big girls.

I've lost 55 pounds since i was there last, they probably won't like me as much. :)

Hope you are doing well.



Momto15 6:48 PM  

I totally need to move there. And you should feel bee-u-tee-full- because you are one hot momma!

whenpigsfly 9:30 PM  

What a GREAT story to tell for years to come!! I've always thought you were a beautiful lady so I'm not surprised some guys thought so too!!
Your kiddos are back here safe and sound. Samren has a playdate with three boys his age tomorrow ...home school/ church friends.Cauc and Liberian....When Samren left Josh's house with us tonight after Bible study, the boys gave each other a big hug and a "see ya soon!" when I made the plan for a play day they were both excited. Last week the boys all came to my house.

Teabo Chica 10:24 PM  

ANITA!!!! What does Eric say about this man sucking on your neck?? Keep your eyes looking ahead, and dont make eye contact with these fresh men :)!
SO funny!

Renee 10:56 AM  

Twilight-Ghana Style ;o)

Cora 12:43 PM  

Oh my goodness, those are some stories you got, to funny. Sounds like a good trip I really enjoy reading about it.

Mama D.'s Dozen 5:39 PM  

Too funny!

The neck sucking ... that one would have freaked me out. Yikes!


fullplatemom 12:24 PM  

I NEVER get hit on in Ghana. Being all of a size 2 I get told to "eat better food". My daughter, who just came home, is LOVING America because no one ever "insults" her by telling her that she is "like a thread". Everyone tells her how beautiful she is. She tells me she was "ug-LEE" in Ghana but that in America she and I are "beee-uuuu-teee-FULL"!!!! Such different standards. I think somewhere in between would be better.

It's fun to read your adventures!!!