Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winding Down...

Hard to believe our time in Bolga is winding down. When we first got here I couldn't imagine having the gumption to make the trek back "home" to Accra. Didn't want to think about it! Now, this place is comfortable and "known." However, it's also pretty boring once you check off the small list of tourist things to do. Today was the first time I'd say it went from "relaxing" to "boring!"

I had hoped to visit Kendi's home village and birth family today, but for a variety of reasons that didn't happen. Instead, I literally sat (or lied) around all day. The group I'm with decided that we would like to eat pizza and go to the movies. No movies here in Bolga, but we did find the pizza!

Swap Fast Food. "Fast" should not be taken literally. Maybe it's fast compared to whipping up a brand new batch of Fufu, but not fast by western standards. Expect to wait at least and hour or an hour and a half for your food from the time you order. Swap is know for it's pizza, believe it or not! LOL! We at "pizza" there a few days ago. It was somewhat like pizza, but not too much. Whether it's because we're two more days into the standard chicken and rice diet, or because the cook was better tonight, we all agreed that the pizza tasted MUCH more like pizza today! Yum! Worth the wait, for sure.

This evening was the coolest weather we've had as well. Again, we're not sure if it's because we're getting used to the weather or because the temps are lower, but we had a killer breeze as the sun was setting. Wonderful. It was a nice way to spend what we hope will be our last evening in Bolga!

Tomorrow there are official appointments, followed by a visit to Kendi's village, and then hopefully it's back to the hotel to pack up and check out and on to the bus station to head back to Accra! We'll be taking the night bus back to Accra, so no worries about the sun beating down on us, even if we should get the un-air conditioned bus. Of course if you know me at all you know that I will never stop worrying about the "what if I need to go to the bathroom" question. So far it's worked out. Fingers (and legs?) crossed!!!

We're hoping to avoid the mega bump our bus hit from Kumasi to Accra. It was SO funny. We were towards the back of the bus, but friends A and M were second to the last seat. The guy behind them had purchased a bucket full of mangoes at one of the stops. We hit this bump and we ALL went air born, including the mangoes! A and M had a lap full of mangoes when it was said and done. The chicken sitting in front of them was none too happy either, I here.

When I was riding on that horrible bus from Kumasi to Bolga you know what popped into my head and made me smile? When I graduated high school my mom got me a book. It was called "Oh, the places you'll go!" (by Dr. Suess). Indeed!!!


Felicia 6:12 PM  

You sound so much more upbeat today, must have been the pizza.

Kristin Jag 9:38 AM  

Hope you were able to go to court with the families today. Thinking about you all. If you have extra time, sinc you are already up near there, you should go to Mole National Park. Daron loved it there and that is where he met one of the Hardthaven staff members.

The Blaske Bunch 10:49 PM  

I am still laughing at the bus bump story! Dave and i took that bus ride from Accra to Bolga (air conditioned bus...would not suggest it) then Bolga to Accra (city type big orange transit down...MUCH BETTER!) But we have story after story of our 18 hours there and 18 hours back...lots of BUMPS that is for sure:O) Glad you are there safe and getting things done.
Dave is to fly out on Monday ....maybe he will run into you at the Embassy :O)
Gotta be praying BIG prayers for the ASH CLOUD to MOVE!!!! or no flight!