Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog posts worth your time!!!

I've had two blogs pulled up into windows for several days now, waiting for just the right time to post about them (my thoughts) and share links. I've given up the romantic thought that I'm ever going to find that extra time. When I've got extra time it's usually spent posting on what's going on in MY life! I know--I'm selfish like that!


Check out Nations Around our Table's blog post titeld "Obediance vs. Willingness--and Flour and Oil. Although I lovingly refer to my children by numbers (especially #4) I just loved the way this mom tackles the question, "Should we have more children?"

Check out Our Little Tongginator for an absolutely God-Inspired blog about "Love and Adoption." Seriously, I think every Christian adoptive parent (or pre-adoptive parent) needs to read this post! This might be the best blog post I've ever read.



C and G 6:22 PM  

Read the Tonginator's post a few days ago . . . sooooo good - so good!