Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ghost Busters!


FullPlateMom 8:08 PM  

She dances JUST like Juliana. I have yet to decide if it's a Ghanaian thing or a toddler thing. Maybe a little of both.


Jess 9:58 AM  

haha!! i love the little booty shake :) she's so precious

A. Gillispie 10:44 PM  

FPM, let's see a video of Julian'a dancing to compare! LOL! My vote is that it's probably a Ghanaian toddler thing...sort of like the "Go to hell" looks they can also whip out on a moment's notice, and the "chicken flap" move that is basically like flipping you off. Personally, I like the dancing best! ;-)

Taevy 10:04 AM  

Wow that is funny!