Saturday, May 29, 2010

THE Homeschooling Shelf!

I mentioned last night that I was hoping to find a new shelf to keep our homeschooling books/supplies. We have totally outgrown the 3-tier super center version we bought last year. Plus, I am tired of always seeing books and papers hanging out of the open shelves! I was hoping to find something that looked more like furniture, and would hold way more. A plus would be if the shelves weren't open shelves.

This morning Taevy and I headed out to our local antique/homemade country-style "trading post." Ach, I love this place! We found several beautiful antique pieces that would have worked, but were $400 or more! Uhh...not in the budget. As we were close to leaving we saw one of the booth owners carrying in a beautiful tall antique pie cabinet. It had doors, which chicken wire, and nice tall open shelves inside. PERFECT! The price was not perfect, but I was able to talk her down some. Still a splurge, we decided to go for it. I'm sure I will always find a place for this piece of furniture in my home! In the bathroom as towel a bedroom for sweaters or the kitchen for large dishes...the possibilities are endless. But for now (and at least until we have a house with a dedicated homeschool room) it is our homeschool book/supply shelf! What do you think?

Top shelf is for mommy's stuff (teacher's manuals and such). Second shelf is for Taevy. Third shelf is Samren's. Fourth shelf is for the littles. Bottom shelf holds the cubbies for their writing and arts and crafts stuff (blue for the big kids, green for the littles). What I love best is that we still have so much empty space, and this is AFTER we cleaned off the old shelf!


Jenny 6:51 PM  

That looks beautiful! I'm wanting to give homeschooling a serious try here in a few years when J is school age, but like you, we have no extra room to use. I'm already trying to figure out how to do it!

It's really beautiful!

Bingaling 8:41 AM  

LOVE the new shelf! I love those antique pie shelves. And those storage bins you got are great, too!

Faith 7:05 PM  

It's really beautiful. It's so fun to organize. I, for one, wish it was so much fun to keep things organized. Sigh!