Friday, May 21, 2010

Pat Robertson's Comments

Not sure why the video below isn't working, but if you'd like to see the video you can go HERE. Fastforward to about 19:45 to hear just his comments, or start at 14 minutes to hear the Orphan Summit peice before it. If for some reason that link doesn't work, just go to, click on "on demand" and then click on The 700 Club for May 21st, 2010.



Shannon Watson 2:42 PM  

Aw, dang, you're not kidding! Good grief, "demonic influences"?! Having a son with bipolar disorder (which 100 years ago probably would have been mistaken for being possessed!), having biological children is no guarantee that they won't come "damaged". UGLY.

Okay, but I do wonder - because I don't know anything about his background - has someone in his family or close friends been hurt during adoption that is causing him to respond this way? I honestly don't know.

But yes, totally - if WE don't love these children as Christ did and does, then what?? She knocked it out of the park in her response to him.

Beckie Sibley 7:25 PM  

Wow, what a disappointment. Frankly, I am surprised that he is so ignorant on adoption. I appreciated how the co-host stood firm by challenging his statements. Perhaps the fallout from this will inspire him to re-think his stand on adoption, children, and the power of God to "restore what the worm has eaten". Thanks for bringing this out in the open Anita.

*Given Much Mom* 9:55 AM  

Disturbing, huh. I blogged about it yesterday too and I'm seeing it everywhere in adoption circles. I hope he gets FLOODED with comments and changes his destructive thinking! :(