Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ready for Summer!

Well, it's official. It's been over 85 for several days now. Summer is here, regardless of what the calender says! Our neighbor told the kids that once it had been 85 for three days in a row they could start swimming at her house. Needless to say, Taevy and Samren are already rockin' some pretty decent tan lines!

I decided to cut the boys' hair today. They both needed cuts BADLY. But I was sick of the same short cut I always give them. I always shave Bright completely off, and I always cut Samren on a #2. Poor Samren has had the same haircut since he was 18 months old, except for the few months that he had a mohawk! Bright is going for a military look here. Left just a bit on top. Samren...we're going for a bit of a "skater dude" look. His hair hasn't been this long EVER. It will be interesting to see how his little skater-ish bangs grow out. Right now we are just at the beginning of what this may grow into. I think it looks pretty cute on him! Kendi is sporting a summery do this week too, with her dragon flies and flower snaps!