Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Place Like HOME!

The child cracks me up! She had a pee-pee accident, so stripped down to get new clothes on. She started getting dressed again. The first thing that goes on if you're a Kendi? The headband, of course!
Praise God, we are all back under one roof! Kendi was released from the hospital earlier this evening. Eric said he "strong-armed" them into letting her go. ;-) We did have a good arguement since we can keep her fed and hydrated through the g-tube if need be. We don't have labs back for Malaria, mono, or tick illnesses, but they started her on the med for tick illnesses and she hasn't had a fever since. So we're kind of thinking it was a tick thing, but we won't know for sure until the other labs are back. It's SO good to see her feeling better! We really appreciate the prayers you've said for us (especially Kendi!) the last few days.
As for the other crud going on, I know it will get better bit by bit. I've just got to tackle one thing at a time. The Lord has blessed us with so much. I want to focus on the joys in my life, and give the hard stuff less attention.
About Bright's stuff....I've received a few private emails (which I appreciate). I'm not sure how much to post about his behaviors, but wanted to clarify that we're not talking about naughty kid behaviors. They are more like autistic/sensory-ish behaviors (grunting, spinning, crashing, in his own world, walking away, etc.). What doesn't make sense to me about that is that they are coming on in full force now--when he's going on 5 years old. Why didn't we see those behaviors when he was 2 or 3? It's all outside of my parenting experience. Of that much I am sure. I learned a lot about sensory issues with Taevy, but there were always signs of her issues, even when she was a 6 month old baby. Hmm.... Bright is a puzzle. But I love him. Tonight I said, "Bright, why are you acting so whacko right now?" (just playing around with him). He said, "I don't know, but I know God loves me." That kid! More true words were never spoken!


FullPlateMom 7:16 AM  

Congrats on being home! Praying for Bright, and you too! You have a full plate as well.

ManyBlessings 8:35 AM  

Because of the late onset of Bright's symptoms, you might want to look into an illness called "P.A.N.D.A.". I actually have a friend who's 8 year old was just diagnosed with this. It's a strep infection that turns on the host and attacks the child's brain, causing autistic/OCD type behaviors. The child most always has NO symptoms of strep.

Worth checking into if it fits Bright! :)

Cora 10:12 AM  

So happy to see you home! It will be good to know the cause but the best thing is that the treatment is working!

waitingarms 12:27 PM  

Yippee you guys are home! And yes, after having a child in the hospital - there is no place like home!

I can't give you any answers - we just got our autism diagnosis last week - but if you need some one to cry with, please email me ( I am grieving for the challenges my son will face and also grieving the loss of my formerly totally joyful, obedient, and compliant child while I go on overdrive researching autism and seeking out resources. I can so empathize with knowing that something is just not right and hoping you are wrong or losing your mind and not having any answers. The autism diagnosis took the wind out of my sail, but, no matter what, we soldier on.

Praying for things to get a little easier for you - you have a lot on your plate.

whenpigsfly 11:01 PM  

Oh I can elate to the tick related stuff! On a vacation in home state Louisiana , Noah was diagnosed with Tuleremia, a tick born/related illness resulting in high fever projecitle vomiting, lethargy. We were in the hospital for 4 1/2 days in Leesville , La and then 5 more days in Stillwater. NOT FUN!!
HALLELUJAH about KEndi'a HIV lab work! That is such an answer to prayer!! When I read your update all my still- awake kiddos let up ahuge cheer!
We will pray for Bright and what ever is going on with him too. He is such a sweetie, I hate to think if him having any life-long issues, especially one like an autism which my 13 year old grandson Zach and great nephew Drew both are diagnosed and life with.
"Miss Okie" BEHAVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
back again after a long AWOL in Africa and adjusting to things back at home again