Thursday, July 29, 2010

Table Envy

It's true. I have table envy, and a bit of "homeschool space" envy. I saw THIS table from IKEA used in a homeschooling room, as two desks and it was PERFECT! I dream of two of these tables, sitting end to end, one space for each of my children. I dream of folding up the leafs within seconds for when we want to do a floor-based activity. Oh, thou IKEA table, how I adore thee, IKEA table! My only quandary (besides space and funding), is which color? White or Birch? These imaginary decisions do haunt me so!


Cora 11:28 AM  

Just to add to your envy. My mom has a table very similar to that in her daycare and she LOVEs it. I prefer the birch but both are nice.

Mary Ellyn 12:40 PM  

I'd love a table with "walls" that go up and down for those with attention challenges!

Mama D.'s Dozen 3:40 PM  

Perfect! Oh my! I think you wrote this post for me.

We just found a house to buy this week (still praying over details) and I have the PERFECT spot for one or two of those.

I must check the Canadian Ikea near us, as sometimes they have better prices.

Thanks for the awesome "advertisement". Ikea should give you a commission for selling them, and then you could have extra money to buy one. :)



Claire 4:03 PM  
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Claire 4:04 PM  

Oh how cool! I want one now too... It would be perfect for folding up as needed.

Bingaling 6:08 PM  

Ooh! Those are awesome! I want one in my sewing room!

Kelli 8:54 PM  

Follow your blog... but never commented. Thought I'd change that today.

Love the table.

I love Ikea for homeschooling.... LOVE. Got this
in black brown With a bunch of their black baskets. I LOVE IT... helped out with our "where to store it issues" in homeschool