Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation 2010: Part Two, Little Cubs Field

Friday, late afternoon, we arrived in Freeport and headed to Little Cubs Field for the first event of The Akwaaba Gathering. This was so fun! We rented out this miniature version of Cubs stadium and everybody (well, mostly dads and kids) played whiffle ball! Of course, before the game we had to load up on yummy ballpark food, thanks to the provisions of two local families and their churches!
Does Samren look serious about the game or what?!

Bright was a little intimidated, so he observed from the sidelines.A few of the families brought their drums, which my little kids thoroughly enjoyed.
Before long, new friendships were forged and old friends were brought together once again.
Little Miss "E" was the first Eban House kid Kendi seemed to recognize. "E" (and most all the Ghanaian kids) called "Mabel!" (pronounced May-Belle) and I could see the recognition in Kendi's eyes.
Kendi's former best friend at Eban House was Little Miss "M." "M" remembered Kendi from the start but it took Kendi just a bit to recall the friendship. Actually, I'm not at all sure that she didn't remember. More likely, she was just in a bit of shock, wondering how her best buddy was in front of her! It didn't take long before Kendi and "M" were totally in step with each other. =-) They hung out a LOT throughout the weekend, often holding hands.

Samren made an instant new friendship with "N." I have never seen him take so strongly to a new friend. These two were actually cuddling like brothers before the weekend was over. Too sweet!
None of the kids who would have remembered Bright from Ghana were at the weekend, but that didn't stop him from making fast friends with "T," from Ethiopia. These two are two peas in a pod! So ornery and just exploding with cuteness!
Within the first 30 minutes "A" and Taevy were tied at the hip. One of the other moms asked me if the girls new each other before the trip. Nope! I just knew that these two were going to hit it off. Current discussions at my house include exactly when and how Taevy can next contact Miss "A!"
These new friendships work out perfectly for us, since I am super good friends with T, A, and N's mom!
The evening was just lovely. It truly wasn't like meeting new people. It was like a family reunion. Even with folks I had never even met by phone before....the connection was just there. There is such a strong connection between adoptive families.


Mama D.'s Dozen 11:09 PM  

Sounds like a WONDERFUL time!

Laurel :)

Ericka 5:05 AM  

What a great time - a love fest, even!