Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've never really done one of these posts, but I sort of like it when other people do them. So do you have any questions for me? I think I'm pretty wide open on this blog, but maybe you wonder something about me or my family that I've never addressed? I've got 92 followers, which I'm saying is close enough to 100 to do this post! LOL!

So if you want to ask me anything about me, the kids, HIV, adoption, Ghana, homeschooling, etc., etc., etc., ask away and I'll post answers on the blog! [And I'm not assuming that I'm so interesting that anybody would have a question. I'm just short on blogging ideas right now!]


Nikki 6:53 PM  

I am not sure how much I have commented before, but I love reading your blog! I do have a few questions...!

My boyfriend is Ghanian, and we would looove to go to Ghana one day. What is your favourite NGO working in Ghana (anything that accepts volunteers?)

And this is probably a stupid question, but I have always wondered the answer. Please don't laugh at me!!! When a woman with HIV wants to get pregnant, how is that possible? If she has unprotected sex, won't she pass on HIV to her partner?

Laslty (and you may have mentioned this in previous posts, I am not sure) how did you come up with your kids names? They are really unique- i love them!

Jamey... 6:58 PM  

Shoot, I'll ask questions! :)

You have kids from multiple countries. Do you feel like that make it harder or easier to celebrate their heritage? How do you make sure that you're getting to each of the countries and not leaving one out? What kind of things do you do to teach the kids about their first country? Do you feel like by homeschooling your kids are missing out on seeing that there are other non-traditional families out there? I worry about making our kids feel even more "other" by homeschooling.

Okay, I'll stop, but I'm going to come back later and see if anyone else has asked some too. :)

Michelle 7:22 PM  

Have you tried or made fried spiders?

Kait 8:30 PM  

My husband and I have two daughters (4 yrs and 2.5 yrs old) and we're attempting to adopt our two sons from Lesotho (2.5 yrs and 20 months old). My question is - how hard is it to have four children? Do you find it's impossible to go places or that your life has changed tremendously going from two to three or three to four?

Calico Sky 7:50 AM  

I'd love to know how you came to decide 4 children was the right number (or 5 if you're planning more! lol) and what's the best research to do if you are contemplating/planning on adopting a child who is HIV+!

Love your blog :)