Friday, August 06, 2010

Spastic Homeschooling

What does it say about me that I've already purchased ALL of our homeschool stuff for the coming school year, have done a VERY simplified week with my kids, and am now considering changing the WHOLE program to better suit our needs?!

I'm telling you, it is baffling me how I can homeschool the older two (3rd and 4th), while doing preschool stuff with the younger two (3 and going on 5), while at the same time keeping up on housework AND doing my adoption work for AAI. Being a STAY at home mom and a WORK at home mom are so t- totally different!

Might just have to go to plan B for either the big kids or the little kids. Just heard of an online charter school (where our kids could go to extra-curriculars at their neighborhood school!) that seems super cool (and way different from the one we tried last year)!


Cora 2:01 PM  

You just need to find your rhythm and what is right for you and the family. You have a lot on your plate and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The Last Crusade 8:54 PM  

Good luck with the charter school online! My daughter did that last year (3rd grade). We hated it! May be different in your state though. But we were doing schoolwork like 8 hours a day!!! Ugh!

A. Gillispie 9:03 PM  

We tried a "virtual academy" last year and HATED IT! It was so "big brother" and my kids we required to be LOGGED IN 6.5 hours a day--but doing more like 10 hours of work a day. It was rediculous for 2nd and 3rd graders! We dropped out in 2nd quarter and never looked back!

The charter school I'm considering now is much different--you get to choose your own cirriculum (spending the money the state gives for each child). You spend your child's fund on whatever you choose (doesn't have to be an online program), including extras like dance or karate! No "big brother"--just quarterly work examples. But it's new, so it remains to be seen if it will be what it is billed to be.

The Last Crusade 3:53 PM  

Wow. The one we hated was like the one you guys quit half way through. And I don't blame you! Wish I had! But the new one sounds promising! I'm all for getting to choose how and what my kid is taught!