Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Crochet Bug...

It has bitten me again. The weather has changed just enough for my fingers to start missing a crochet needle and yarn. Oh, the JOY of making something out of a piece of string. In my daily work I have so very VERY little control over everything. But I can CONTROL that piece of yarn. I can CONTROL the wrapping and looping.

Wouldn't THIS make a beautiful afghan for Christmas?

Wouldn't several of THESE squares make a fantastic baby boy afghan, or THESE for a baby girl?

My fingers are ready to get busy...


Cindy 11:13 PM  

Those are all beautiful! I love the snowflake! Have you seen this blog?

I love her stuff and she has a great trick for joining squares as you go.

Have fun! I am knee deep in a couple different projects and always on the lookout for more

A. Gillispie 11:24 AM  

Cindy, she has some cute stuff! Love the bag pattern she has up.

whenpigsfly 8:04 AM  

What fun patterns!! I crochet a lot of snowflakes with doily thread every year. There is actually a whole pattern book for just snowflakes! NO way do I have time to make an afghan of those cool squares in that pattern, but coasters, or ornaments hung with a loop? OH YAH!!!