Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Kendi Mae, Home One Year!

Kendi, September 7, 2009. Scared, tired, and sick.
Kendi, about one year later. Happy, healthy, and adjusted!

Hard to believe it's already been a year since "Lil' Bit" came home for good. It was one year ago today that we were in Chicago, picking Kendi up from her escort (the Amazing Susan PD from AAI!). Here's the welcoming committee, very early morning waiting at Tulsa International Airport for take off!

It felt like FOREVER until Susan PD came walking out with Kendi. I kept looking for a woman holding hands with a little girl. Instead, Susan snuck up on us because she had Kendi tied to her back, Ghanaian style!! The picture below is one of my favorites. I remember what I was feeling inside when my mom took this picture--completion.
Kendi slept it off in a BIG way! She really did not want to open her eyes. That was (and still is) her way of coping with overwhelming things. Sleep. If she slept she could still be in Ghana where everything was "normal."
First family picture is below. Lots of emotions going on in those six bodies!

We came home to a welcome party for Kendi, which she slept through completely. After everybody went home, she awoke to her home...her family...her new life. She was scared to death of the dogs, and assumed the boys were going to take everything that was hers (as life in Ghana had taught her). Here is the fam (minus mom) after everybody went home. Look how tiny and scared (and bald!) she is!

That Kendi--the one that was here the first day in America--is long gone. Now we only see the "real" Kendi--the one that blossomed in care in Ghana, and has continued to show us her beauty for the past year in America.

She has grown so many ways. Physically, she's about 6 inches taller. Only a few pounds heavier (currently 23 pounds). She came to our home knowing a few words in English, but now amazes us daily with her 6 and 7 word sentences. She is one smart cookie. She has grown emotionally, from a child who had no clue what "mommy" and "daddy" meant, to a child who now understands the special bond that is supposed to exist between one male and one female caregiver. She is a sister and friend that we thank the Lord for each day.

We "Gotcha!" Kendi Mae! And we'll never let you go!!!!


Cindy 11:50 AM  

Beautiful! Happy One Year!

Tricia 12:51 PM  
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Tricia 12:51 PM  

That girl holds a special place in our hearts.

Cora 1:05 PM  

Happy one year, Kendi!! Hope you all have a wonderful day with your special little girl.

Bloggin' Robin 10:36 PM  

Happy one year. Hoping to head to Ghana soon for our little one! Blessings, Robin