Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puppy Love

A lot of my day is filled with this image. But now, when I flip down the laptop I have this to look forward to!
I mean, seriously, is she not so cute?
She's all cuddled into my crochet bag (holding most recent project).
Gotta love those ears!

It is *SO* entertaining to watch a daschund puppy play. She thinks she is SO vicious! As you can see our "big bad" part pit bull is ready to eat her alive (not)!

Little Miss Lucy is doing quite well. She has learned to love her crate (thank goodness) and knows to do her business as soon as we put her outside (but hasn't yet decided that she shouldn't also "go" inside). She's got a doxie personality through and through. She's stubborn and funny and love to borough. She's quite convinced that she is a big powerful dog. ;-)