Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Table-Shaped Blessing

Last Friday our family was blessed to receive the above awesome IKEA table from a mom that I have come to know and respect in the Ghana adoption community. I don't want to embarrass her, but "M", you really humble me.

This mom has been waiting so very long to be united with her children. She's busy with her own career and home responsibilities. She shared with me recently that her own homeschooling space is sparse, and yet she gave us this! It took a LOT of planning to get this table to Oklahoma. In the end three families were involved in making it happen. Some people are so very, very kind.

Thank you "M." Thank you "J" and "TR." Thank you "M"s parents! The table is really great quality, fits great in the space we had, was easy to put together, and will be a long-term addition to our household. Taevy and Samren have been SUPER students this week. They just love sitting in their learning spaces. The computers and keyboards fit and there is still enough room for them to do book work in front of the keyboard. Awesome.


Heather A. 6:45 PM  

Can I just tell you, I am sooo jealous that you have such a beautiful, designated, homeschool computer space! I don't let the girls use the computer hardly at all because my desk is never cleaned off enough!

What a beautiful blessing! And you do deserve it, Miss Anita!

Renee 7:57 PM  

What a wonderful BLESSING!!! So happy for you!

Robin Dodd Photography 4:26 PM  

oooh LOVE IT! How sweet!