Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Taevy-licious Slumber Party

The birthday girl, with her dollar story b-day hat.
This is how she designed the party table--with Cambodian textiles.

Her party favors were trinket boxes (with barrettes and nail stickers inside) and eye masks.
Two of our neighbors blessed Taevy with this beautiful bunch of flowers and the balloon. It looked perfect on her party table!
The slumber party was for Taevy and her six girl cousins. They all went on a walk around sundown.
The whole crew, plus Samren and Bright (who were invited as "VIP" guests for the first part of the evening).
Her cake choice: Dairy Queen Oreo Blast Earthquake Cake

Generous gifts.
This was her favorite gift. Grandma and Grandpa got Taevy a handheld digital dictionary. She thinks this is the coolest thing EVER. It is pretty neat. =-)
Activities included mani/pedis and decorating a memory page (one page for each guest that Taevy turned into a sort of scrapbook).
At around 2:30am the Grandma and I made them call it quits. It is a SLUMBER party after all. Doesn't that mean they should SLUMBER?!
Taevy said it was "the best party ever." I'm so glad it was a special day for her. Ten years seems like the right time to have your first slumber party.
The next morning we all went to McDonald's for breakfast, where Taevy was allowed to drink a Diet Coke. This is big news because I hadn't ever let her drink diet before (aspartame).
After breakfast Taevy, Grandma, my Aunt, and I all headed to a HUMONGOUS craft fair in Kansas. It was a LONG day after a SHORT night! But it was very fun. We were out there for about five hours. The only downer was that it was 94 degrees. I haven't been burned all summer until this weekend. Leave it to me to fry myself on the last weekend of summer! [Oops. Forgot I was taking a medicine that makes one more sensitive to sunlight.]


The Last Crusade 4:36 PM  

Looks like fun! My daughter gave out those same party favors for her 10th party recently!