Saturday, November 13, 2010

Around here, the kids have decided it's Christmas season already. They are singing carols outside while the leaves are falling around them. And inside, they are "practicing" for some sort of Christmas play they imagine themselves putting on. Yesterday, Taevy decided it was time to try out costumes for Bright and Kendi, AKA Joseph and Mary.

Don't they look gentle with their cabbage patch doll baby Jesus?
Joseph is so protective, looking down on Mary.

Ahh...the happy Holy Family.

I won't mention (too much) how Bright actually thought his head dress was hair and kept trying to put it back into a ponytail!

I decided to interview the happy couple, to see if they had any idea who they were practicing to be. I think Taevy may have left out that part! Before long the interview headed in a totally unexpected direction as we discussed whether Joseph and Mary ate chicken bones.

I will miss these moments when my kids are grown and gone!