Monday, November 15, 2010

Bad Hair Mommy

I'm giving myself the "Bad Hair Mommy" award! Last night I decided we'd try to put yarn braids in Kendi's hair again--for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I finished like 1/5 of her head and then called it a night. I intended to work a few hours a day until it was finished. However, it's now the next night and the child is still running around with 14 random half finished yarn braids in on her head (thanks to her mommy's obsession with talking about ethics on the internet today)! She looks ridiculous! I only braided them half way down, figuring I'd finish them off after they are all in. So they are super long. She looks like an abused little rag doll!

[The sad thing is she thinks she looks super gorgeous, twirling her long "hair."]

Maybe this is why God gave me a short-haired Ghana girl? He knew it would be like this!

Goodnight all!


Heather A. 10:07 PM  

Haha! I so want a picture!!! And That's nothing my dear. Mine have gone a week with 1/2 their hair done! It's the beauty of homeschooling. We can just hide out in our house until I get my crap together. ;)

Cindy 11:23 PM  

Ah don't be so hard on yourself Anita. Te first time we did yarn braids we sent Mihiret to school looking like a diseased Billy Ray Cyrus.
Here is proof : )
Can't wait to see her with her lovely long hair!

In His Dust 12:06 AM  

Okay, so Madi has gotten the front half of her hair braided and I pulled the unfinished hair and braids into a low ponytail and DIDN'T finish it! And. . . yeah, she wore it like that for a month!;)

Amy 7:28 AM  

pictures, please!!

Mama D.'s Dozen 11:25 AM  

Do you really think the rest of us finish all of our yarn braids in one day? Nope. (It has happened, but certainly not every time.)

I'm with Heather ... love the fact that we are homeschoolers and can just "hide" our 1/2 done hairdos for a week.

Yes. We definitely need to see some pics. I'm sure she is enjoying her "long hair" ... just make sure the other kids don't tell her how silly she looks. :)