Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bright's first missing tooth!

Bright lost his first tooth tonight! Talk about sneaking up on us! This is still my baby boy in my mind. I know his age says he's 5 now, but my heart doesn't "feel" a 5 year old. [This might be partly due to the fact that he doesn't ACT like a typical 5 year old in lots of ways.]

Taevy and Bright were coloring at the table. Taevy says, "Mom, when will Bright start losing teeth?" Hmm... I hadn't yet ever considered Bright losing teeth. I told Taevy, "Most kids start around age 6 or 7; some are still in their 5th year." At this, Taevy pulled Bright over to check his mouth. "Mom! Bright's got a tooth that is about to fall out!" What?!

I called my baby boy over and sure enough, Bright's got a tooth hanging by a thread! I started the camera to see if we could record him pulling it (since it was barely hanging on). In the end I put a tiny bit of pressure on the thing and it popped right out without us even realizing it--somewhere into the abyss of our floor! Bright didn't just lose his first tooth. Bright LOST his first tooth! YIKES!!!

Poor kid lost his first tooth before we had ever had any sort of prep talks about it. He didn't know that kids lost teeth. He didn't know that they grow new ones. He didn't know about the tooth fairy! He thought this was a rotten deal until I mentioned that the Tooth Fairy comes and puts candy under your pillow after you are asleep. Then we got a smile! The only thing is, he kept saying "Mama, we go to the fair and get candy?" [Note to self: Bright does not know what a fairy is.] So, now she is the Tooth Princess in Bright-talk. And she gives candy because well, Bright could care less about money.

Note: The thing Taevy is holding at the end of the video is not, in fact, the missing tooth. It was a seed pod from dried autumn flowers. We also found a few kernals of corn that the kids were SURE were Bright's tooth. Nope. Although you can see many other small white things on our floor in the video, the tooth is not one of them. [And believe it or not, that rug is vaccuumed every single day!]


Heather A. 6:33 AM  

Love it!

Gina 11:39 AM  

My oldest son "lost" his first tooth as well, and then swallowed the second one! The tooth fairy still came. :)

Erika 1:28 PM  

Kai is 5 and has lost FOUR teeth, three of them in 10 weeks. He has a girl friend who lost her first tooth at 4. Crazy and fun!

Mary Ellyn 12:49 PM  

We have video of Alex pulling his first tooth out and then doing the "I lost my first tooth dance". It's priceless as this short video will be also.