Thursday, November 11, 2010

Operation Christmas Child, touches Ghana adoptees

Have you thought about taking part in Operation Christmas Child this year? Basically, you pack a shoebox of gifts and essentials for a vulnerable child, somewhere in the world. Through the gift the children are also given the opportunity to know more about Christ. [No, it's not one of those things where someone is forced to sit through evangelizing in order to receive a gift. The Gift of Christ is there for the child, if he/she so chooses.]

Honestly, our family hasn't taken part in this program yet, but we hope to this year. It seems like such a small thing--sending a little box of gifts to an unknown child in the developing world--but it's not a small thing for that child!

I'm sure there are many uplifting stories from the children who have received the shoebox of gifts throughout the years, but there are two that really touch me. I know of two children who have been adopted from Ghana, that were at one point the recipients of a Christmas box.

Please GO HERE to read about how the box brought joy and encouragement to Victoria, long before she was adopted.

Consider taking part in Operation Christmas Child this year!



Nadia 8:32 PM  

if you want to make a box, the deadline is about a week away!!!! We have a BLAST collecting stuff all year long and then seeing how many boxes we can make...we've done between 3-178 every year for moe yrs then I can remember...this year it's about 60 and my mom sewed little sundresses for about a dozen of them!

Mama D.'s Dozen 5:36 PM  

My 14 y.o. daughter has been designing and sewing little sundresses, as well. She also made some really cute crocheted animal toys.

She has taken on this project, all by herself, for several years now. She shops for and makes things for several shoe boxes ... for several months before they are due.

GREAT project to highlight, Anita.

Heather A. 6:19 PM  

Mary's also on the shoebox bandwagon. It's such an easy way for her to give back and she can stow away some of her little gifts and trinkets that she's gotten over the year, like stickers, dolls, lip gloss. It's really helped connect her with her abundant blessings and others needs. Go for it!